The Story of Our Story

Last August, we wrote about the origins of our name, taken from a relatively obscure local legend called “The Legend of Nojoqui.”

It was on a bit of a lark that the post concludes with a note that “We at Brave & Maiden have searched high and low for a copy of this primary source to no avail.” We hoped that somehow, through the miracle of the Internet, one day someone might stumble upon that post and know this poem. Better yet, have a copy of this poem. If serendipity would ever strike, we presumed, it would be years or decades down the road.

Then we received a short note not long ago from the Simi Valley Historical Society & Museum. Someone there had unearthed a single page torn from a publication from the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge No. 613. It’s titled “The Legend of Nojoqui.” Via a quick Google search, the museum found Brave & Maiden and our lark of a request for anyone who happens to have a lead on an original printing of our namesake legend. We’re grateful for their reaching out to us.

The museum was kind enough to share a scan of the poem, below. They approximate the date of this printing to 1921. While it’s not the very original publication by Reverend Brown—which we still hope to discover one day—it brings us remarkably close to his verse just a few years earlier.


A page scan of the "Legend of Nojoqui" as printed by the Elks Lodge circa 1921


Thanks to the Simi Valley Historical Society & Museum for sharing this find with us.